• Login to your account in 
  • Press "Download" in the sidebar and download the Application for your platform
  • Export location file from Manual Configs
  • Import to OpenVPN App 

Have you spent hours scrolling on the internet looking for ways to configure OpenVPN? Well, by clicking on this, you’ve made your life a lot easier. 


Using BelkaVPN, you can access over 1600 servers with 65 locations worldwide, and it’d honestly take a whole hour to list all the good things about the proxy service, but I’m just here to show you how to configure OpenVPN with BelkaVPN. So, let's get this show on the road.


Step 1. Go to BelkaVPN’s login page: 













 It will look a little something like this. Enter your email address and password, then press the blue button that says “Log In.” 


Once you’re in, you’ll see the overview page. Then the real fun begins! Just kidding. 

Step 2. Do you see those words at the side? Right below “Overview,” click “Download.” You will then be presented with an array of servers to be downloaded. Depending on what your preferences are, that’s how cool BelkaVPN is! 


Scroll down a bit to see more!

Step 3. Click install. Once you see that the file is downloaded, click on it.



Follow the guidelines provided until it’s fully downloaded on your device. 


Step 4. Go back to the BelkaVPN tab on your browser. Go to the sidebar once more, and click on “Download.” 


You once again see all the cool features of BelkaVPN, but this time around, you scroll down and find the “Config Generator,” as shown below.



Do you guys remember which country you come from? Well, then click on the country tab and select the current nation you’ve placed your station! 



Once you’ve selected your country, press “OpenVPN UDP,” and you’ll see that it automatically gets downloaded, like so. 



 Step 5. Done with all those? Next up, you click on the automatically downloaded file, and you are immediately redirected to the OpenVPN app you’ve just downloaded. You’ll see this:


Press “OK,” and you’ll be redirected to “Imported Profile,” where you type in your email and password. If you want to make your life easier, don't forget to check "Save Password" to make your next transactions easier. 

Then click the orange “CONNECT” button.

FINAL STEP: Once you’ve connected, you’ll know you’ve successfully configured OpenVPN when this pops up on your screen!



Congratulations! You have now configured OpenVPN using BelkaVPN. There is nothing in the world you cannot do.