1. Install through Google Playstore.
2. Sign in through the app.
3. Select location for VPN
4. Connect to VPN

One of the great things about BelkaVPN is that it is jam-packed with world-class features and is very accessible. You need not worry about your Android device because you can install BelkaVPN there too! 


I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet; it’s super easy and convenient. If you’ve searched far and wide, the search ends here! Hello friends, I’m here to walk you through how to install BelkaVPN on your Android device. It’s super easy, and I bet it won’t last you more than 5 minutes, so stick around. 


Now, let the games begin. 


Step 1: Open Google Playstore. Most, if not all, Android devices have a Google Playstore, and this is where our journey begins. 


Open your Google Playstore app, and direct your eyes to the search bar on top that says “Search for apps & games...” It will appear like so. 
















Once you’re there, type in “BelkaVPN,” then press the magnifying glass below to signify your search. Sound pretty easy. It’s pretty much just like downloading any other app. While you’re at it, you can even download some games yourself too. 


But moving on to the second step. 

Step 2. Install the app. You’ll know it’s the BelkaVPN app if you see an orange background with a bluish silhouette that forms a shield – because that’s just how protective BelkaVPN is, wink wink. Anyway, the logo looks like this. I’m attaching it here so as not to create any confusion. 


Afterward, click on the green button that says “Install.” It should automatically download the app by doing the usual swirly thing. 

 You click the home button and see if the app has been downloaded on your phone. It’ll look a little something like this. Warning, there’s a really cute photo in the background.


Tada! You’ve got it all set up. But our journey doesn’t end here. 


Step 3. Setting up. Of course, the installation process doesn’t just end there; and don’t worry, we’ll guide you through that as well. Our next step starts with our opening the app. 


This cute fellow greets you. 


















Press the white button that says, “SIGN IN.”  After this, you are met with 2 options. 

Option 1: If you already have an account or are already registered, type in your email and password, as shown in the picture above, and then press the blue “Log In” button.


Option 2: This option is for those without an account. Continue by adding in your email and password for registration. Don’t forget to save passwords, so your future transactions will be much more convenient!


Hang tight, my friend! Because we’re almost in the clear. You know you’re almost there when you see this. 



I know you’re excited but before you press that big connect button, make sure to add in your country or current location.


Press the tab with a globe where you're supposed to place your location and change it to your own country. In the previous photo, it's where the word "Singapore" is but if you've just downloaded the app then it'll be automatic. 

You’ll be redirected to this page that shows you locations, as shown in the photo below. 


FINAL STEP. Good with all those? We’re now in the final moments of our installation. It was fun, but I’d really rather have you enjoy all of BelkaVPN’s features on your own. 


After you’ve selected your location, press that big red button you’ve wanted to push. Immediately a connection request pops up from your screen, scan through it, and press “Ok.” It’ll then look a little something like the photo on the right.


At the end, when you see the big button go green and it finally says, "Connected to VPN." Well, congratulations! You’ve now successfully installed BelkaVPN on your Android! We hope you’ve enjoyed it! Bye.