1. Install Extension on Chrome Web store 
  2. Log in to BelkaVPN 
  3. Click to START and you’re all set!


Most of the time the word “extension” means a good thing. Whether they’re for school deadlines, holidays, or even just the sound of an “extension cord,” they’re always well-intended. Except, of course, for “shift extensions,” because, quite frankly, they suck. For this reason, it’s no surprise that you’ve decided to get Chrome Extensions for yourself. 


These Chrome Extensions are found at the upper right portion of your tab and enable you to customize your Chrome functionality. And the fact that you’re here means you know that BelkaVPN has a Chrome Extension too!


All the cool features, in one small software program. Isn’t BelkaVPN just amazing? So, let’s get to it, shall we?



STEP 1. Install Extension. Chrome extensions are like phone apps and just like them, you’ll have to install them. Our first step starts with you opening Google Chrome and installing the extension in the Chrome Web store.

First, you go to and in the search bar you type "Google Chrome Webstore." 

The Chrome Web store will look like so. Next, divert your eyes to the left side of the screen just right below the Chrome Web store name, there you'll find the search bar. Type in "BelkaVPN."


You know you followed my instructions right when you finally see this on your screen. 


Do you see that blue button on the side that says “Add to Chrome”? Yeah, click on that. 

You’ll immediately be greeted by this notification, for your safety, of course. Click on “Add extension.” And you’re all set!



You’ve now successfully downloaded the BelkaVPN Chrome extension if you see this. It’ll be alongside your other extensions. You can also press the puzzle piece symbol on the upper right corner to show all your other extensions. 


Mines are Teleparty and Grammarly! 










STEP 2. Setting up. You don’t think we were done, did you? Like all my other manuals I also help you set it up! Once you click on the BelkaVPN extension you’re prompted to Log in to your account like so. 


Input your email and password then press that big blue button that says “LOGIN.” 




We’re almost done, just 1 more step to go! So, once you’re logged in, you’ll see this. Can I just say the pink clouds look really cute!


FINAL STEP: I know you’re tempted to press that big START button, so I’ll allow you! The good thing about this extension is the software will input your location for you due to its auto location feature. 


Plus, there are only 2 free countries which are the “United States” and “Canada,” but if you’re a premium user, and wish to get the best connection then you may choose to do so here. 


Now, are you ready? I won’t waste much time here’s a picture of it connecting! 


 Yehey! You’re all set. You’ll know that you’ve done all of these right when the photo below pops up on your screen. See you in the next one!