1. Install from Google Playstore or market
  2. Export file from Website and save in Android 
  3. Import file to OpenVPN App 
  4. Input email and password to connect 


Hey guys, and welcome back to another how-to! We’ve already mentioned how great BelkaVPN is, and I need not say any further, but today you’ll probably be astonished once more by its convenience and accessibility. 


This is for all Android users out there, don’t worry; it’ll take less than 5 minutes. I will explain step-by-step and with pep how to manually set up an OpenVPN connection from Android. Are you ready? 


Step 1. Install from Google Playstore or market. Our first step starts with the installation of the app itself. Whether it’s from the Playstore or your built-in markets, OpenVPN is available – and so is BelkaVPN! 


Immediately direct your eyes towards that search bar and type in “OpenVPN” like the picture above. 

You’ll know it’s the OpenVPN app when you see the logo below, and of course, the name at the side. Press the green button on the right side that says “Install.” 









Like the photo below, go back to your home screen and see if you’ve successfully installed the app. Also, let me say, isn’t my background photo cute? 













Now, congratulations, but we’re not yet done, my friend! 


Step 2. Setting up. You don’t really think we were done, did you? I’m also here to guide you through setting up the app. 


But first, you have to go to the BelkaVPN website, open your app and download the file to export it to the app. With that in mind, let’s set up the OpenVPN app. Click on your new download, and this’ll greet you on your screen. This is for your and their own protection. It’s important; you should read it, but if you feel like just skimming through, then click on the bottom right words that say, “Agree.” 













We’re halfway there, don’t you worry! So, do you remember the file I told you to download from the BelkaVPN site? Here’s what you do next, yay the fun part!


You’ll immediately see this. To export the file, you’ll have to choose between URL and File upload. Personally, please download the file, which is what I’m about to show you. This notification will then greet you; press “Allow.” 


Once you’ve done that, you’ll immediately be able to import any file you want. Click on it, like the picture below, then press the orange button that says, “IMPORT.”


Okay, hang on just for a bit because I promise you, I already see the pot of Gold! Next up, you’ll see this. 


Your profile has been successfully imported! Now, add in your Username and Password. Don’t forget to check that “Save password” box so that your password will automatically be inputted the next time you’re using the app. 


After you’ve checked the “Connect after import” box, you’ll see this on your screen! 



All that’s really left to do is connect! But before you’re able to connect successfully, make sure to click “OK” when the connection request notification comes up. 



And you’re all set! When you finally see that green connected sign, I know it’s one of the best feelings. Now, go forth and enjoy your OpenVPN, and I’ll see you next time!