1. Install the App
  2. Set up App by Agreeing to terms
  3. Go to the BelkaVPN website, proceed to “Config Generator” and download the file. 
  4. Upload file to OpenVPN app


Hello! We’ve already talked about downloading BelkaVPN on IOS but, how about manually setting up OpenVPN? Well, worry no more because once again we’re here to save the day. 


IOS users? We got you covered. 


STEP 1. Installing. Now, like all of our how-to’s we’ll start with the installation of the OpenVPN app. Go and visit your app store, then type in the search bar, “OpenVPN.”

Once you’ve finished your long and awaited search you’ll find this on your phone. Of course, by now you’re already very familiar with the OpenVPN App and its logo so I’ll leave that to you; but here is a photo of what it should look like before installation. 


You’re an IOS user so you must know how to install apps. But for the benefit of the newbies! On the left is what a successful installation process looks like. 


All that’s left to do now is go back to home or press that blue “OPEN” button on the right side. Here’s what the app looks like in the home screen. The wallpaper looks so magnificent, doesn’t it? 

But hey, before I get off-tracked once again. Let’s proceed to the second step, shall we?


STEP 2. Setting up. You didn’t really think we’d leave you there to fend for yourself, did you? So, this step is actually quite easy. 


All you need to do is press the app. You’ll then be greeted by some very serious notifications that are there for your safety, but we reassure you that it’s a 100% A-okay! 


First, press “Allow” then click on the “AGREE” tab at the bottom.



After these two, you’ll see the OpenVPN main screen that has a selection of file or URL. But I’ll be showing you how to go about with the URL, which leads us to our third step. 


STEP 3. Getting the File. The good thing about BelkaVPN is that you don’t actually need the app to access it, you can just go to safari and search This is how we’ll be getting our File for the OpenVPN app. 


If you got that right, then you’ll be seeing the photo below. Log in using your email address and Password. Don’t forget to save it afterwards so that your future transactions will be much easier! 

After you’ve logged in you’ll be redirected to the overview page like so. What you’re going to want to do is click on “Dashboard Menu” then press “Download”


Scroll down a bit to explore BelkaVPN! Even using a phone it’s actually quite nice, right?

Scroll down far enough until you see the “Config Generator.” Then, assuming you know where you are right now, select in the tab which country you’re in right now. 


Once you’ve done that press one of the four green rectangles at the bottom that says “OpenVPN UDP.” If a notification asking whether to download or view the file comes up, kindly press “Download.”


Now, in the upper right corner of your screen you’ll see a circle that has an upload symbol on it, this is where your downloads will go. So once, it’s finished downloading click on it and something like photo below will pop up. 

Are we still catching up alright? Yeah? Okay, then press the file then you’ll see this. 


Once again, divert your eyes to the upper right corner of the screen and you’ll see a small square-like symbol with an arrow seemingly coming out of it – this simply means upload or share file. Well, what are you waiting for? Click on it. 


What happens next isn’t really magic, but once we’re through with this the real magic will begin!

Do you see the OpenVPN logo beside Airdrop and Messages? Well, click on that and you’ll immediately be redirected to the OpenVPN app on your phone and this!

We’re almost to the finish line, just a few more steps to go! So, click on the orange words on the left that says “ADD.” Then you’ll move here. 


Once you see this, input your email and password. Also, just a reminder don’t forget to check that “Save password” and “Connect after import” boxes, if you want to make life easier!


As soon as your done filling up, on the upper right of the screen, press “ADD” then this notification will pop up! 


When in doubt, just press yes because I am definitely seeing the gold at the end of the rainbow! 

Done? Settled? If green always means go then you’ve got it right!  Hey, you did well and here’s to a job well done! Until next time!