1. Download the WireGuard app on the App store 
  2. Go to and login
  3. Proceed to “Config Generator” and press WireGuard
  4. Connect to VPN and enjoy!


If you’re looking for a VPN connection setup that is both fast and modern, then WireGuard should definitely be up in your list, but you want to know a secret? The fastest way to manually set it up is using BelkaVPN. The good news? It can be done as easy as 1,2,3 even on IOS. 


Hey guys! Welcome to another connection setup guide. Today, I’m going to walk you through how to manually setup a WireGuard connection on IOS. 


The photos I’ll be using down below are done on iPhone, but it’s practically the same thing on any IOS device, so let’s get to it! 


STEP 1. INSTALLATION. As always, we start with installing the app using the App store. Swipe down or swipe to the farthest left so as to reveal the search bar. Once you’re there, type “App Store” and it should reveal the photo on the left.  


When you get to the app store, go immediately to the search bar and type in “Wireguard,” refer to the photo on the right.  I’m assuming your no novice to this but here are pictures of the process: 

See that cool maroon logo that says WireGuard? That’s our guy! All that’s left to do is press that blue circular button that says “GET” then we’re ready to go!



You know you’ve successfully downloaded WireGuard by going back to your home screen and have the same view as the photo below. 


I wish we all had that view, am I right? It’s so pretty! But before I get sidetracked I’d just like to say that we’re done with the installation part, and the true fun begins here! 


STEP 2. SETTING UP. Once you open the WireGuard app, you’ll see this. It’s empty, right? So, let’s fill it up. If you press “Add a tunnel,” three options will pop out like so.

These are fairly easy to do, but let me tell you the easiest way to get this done is by accessing it using BelkaVPN! 


STEP 3. CREATING FILE FROM BELKAVPN. Now, what I want you to do is exit the app and proceed to Safari then type in

Type in your username and password then press that big blue button that says “Log In.” By now, you’ll be very familiar with BelkaVPN and all its cool stuff. 


Immediately click on “Dashboard Menu” then click on “Download.” Once you’re in download scroll down a bit until you get to the “Config Generator.” 


Like most connection setups, here I’ll ask you to select your Country. A little disclaimer though, WireGuard isn’t supported by all countries, so if you find an error, just proceed to clicking a nearer one to you that’s supported.  


See those 4 green buttons below? If you’re done with the country selection press the one on the bottom right that says “WireGuard.”


Click “Download.” 

It’ll immediately be downloaded in the upper right portion of your screen like the photo below.

Hey, are you still there? Just hang on to me for a moment because I promise we’re almost through. Click on the downloaded file, to see this. Do you see that square with an arrow coming up symbol at the upper right portion of the screen? That means to upload or share the file.


If you click on that, this should pop up down below. Since we’re now about to upload the file to WireGuard, click on the WireGuard app down below right beside Airdrop. 


Afterward a notification will pop on your phone asking for permission, all you need to click on is “Allow.”

This will automatically redirect you to the app and create a tunnel for you. It’s really that simple, which is why we’re now welcoming the final step!

FINAL STEP. CONNECTING TO VPN. Like I said, you’ll automatically be redirected to the app. Then you’ll see this. The one on the photo is already connected but to get that you just need to swipe until you see green!


And there you have it! By now, you’ve already manually created a Wireguard connect using BelkaVPN. I say, kudos to you my friend for sticking with me until the end! Enjoy your VPN, see you in the next one.