1. Open Edge browser
  2. Click on "Extensions" on the browser
  3. Search for "BelkaVPN," then click on "Add Extension."
  4. Select your location and then click to start.


If you don't have Safari, Google Chrome, or even Mozilla Firefox, you're probably with their other cousin, Microsoft Edge. The proclaimed best browser for Windows is not something to be overlooked. 


So, if you're an Edge browser user and want to add a BelkaVPN extension, this user manual is for you! Should we give it a go? Alright, onward!


STEP 1. OPENING BROWSER. First off, we'll have to open our browser. Don't be distracted by the pretty background because we're here to set up your BelkaVPN extension, and it's going to be quick, I promise!



See those three dots at the upper right portion of the screen? Click on it, and a whole array of features will be presented. Click on "Extensions."

You'll immediately be redirected to a new tab, like so. Click on the rectangular tab that says

"Get extensions for Microsoft Edge."


STEP 2. DOWNLOADING. Are you still hanging on there? Good. Because we're halfway through. After then, press the tab that just appeared on the right. Then avert your eyes to the search bar and type in our word of the day, "BelkaVPN." 



 Click on "Get," and you'll immediately be greeted with this notification. Select "Add Extension."



 You've now successfully downloaded your BelkaVPN extension! If you see those photos below, then that means you're well on your way to set up, which of course, I'll help with.



STEP 3. FINAL STEP. SETTING UP AND CONNECTING. Hey! You've made it this far, and for that, I give my congratulations, but we're almost there, just a few more steps to go. 


Before you click on that big start button, first select the "Choose Location" tab. 


You'll find that only 2 of the countries are free for this extension, but if you've managed to go premium, then hey, go ahead and do whatever you want!


Are you ready? We're now about to connect. All there's left to do is click on the connect button, and we're all set!

You've now added the BelkaVPN extension on your Edge browser, and I'll leave you to enjoy it at your own expense. Until the next time!